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Meet Your Coach – Claudia Greenwood

Hello special person,

My name is Claudia and I practice as a professional Transformation Life Coach.  I have always known that I wanted to work with people, helping people to be inspired, to be “free” from within, let their light shine and achieve their ultimate life.

My personal values are underpinned by respect, integrity and commitment to all individuals who I am privileged to connect with in lifeI am dedicated to empowering individuals, just like you, to achieve your ultimate special life purpose.  I do this through the application of powerful unique, authentic and life-changing, transformational techniques which are both locally and internationally accredited.

My life has been full of many experiences – some truly awesome and some totally overwhelming.  Like everyone I’ve had my fair share of life’s challenges.  Growing up  I was shy, introverted and I almost always felt like I did not “fit in”, I was “not good enough”, I didn’t understand why – I believed that was just who I was.

The negative beliefs stayed with me well into adult life causing me great inner conflict and as a result every part of my life was negatively affected in some way.  Being unhappy, fearful and feeling anxious became my norm.

Only when I came across Transformational Life coaching and went through the full programme myself did I realise what nonsense I was creating for myself.  I had become very good at pretending that I was happy and that everything was ‘ok’, by hiding my feelings.  I had no idea that it was possible for me to stop suppressing my inner fight by truly understanding myself, and how I had been limiting myself through my own negative beliefs.

I got to understand how what we are telling ourselves impacts what and who we believe we are, and what we can and cannot achieve.  Those negative beliefs were extremely limiting in my life – if only I had discovered that sooner.   I had been sabotaging my own life!

I finally made sense of the power of the human mind and sub-conscious mind and why and how we as human beings experience the life that we do. Even better, how we can change our lives positively.   I experienced inner-freedom, self-confidence, healing and light. My personal growth journey continues daily.

In my professional career I have had more than 20 years’ experience and success, encompassing the areas of Leadership & People Development, Change Management and Facilitation, Human Resources, setting up and leading Operational Projects aligned to Business Strategy and Business Optimisation.   My ultimate passion has always been to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Through my personal life transformation experience I took the decision to focus on what I loved most; helping people like YOU to develop and to achieve your best life.  The transformation life coaching system that I practice can release all of that unwanted negativity to allow you to be “free” to achieve your VISION.

Having achieved the highest possible requirements, I have been certified as a Life Coach, Transformation Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.  The foundation of the training is based on “Empowerment, which is the Powerful Combination of Life Coaching Methodology’s, Neuro-Science, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Success Mind Set Strategies and the most Advanced Positive Psychology.”

I would love to meet with you and chat about how I can help you live the life of your dreams.

Wishing you a peaceful day,


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